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Using Flowers for Holiday Celebrations

The holiday period is special for friends and families to celebrate together. Whether you opt to decorate your home or you choose to give out some gifts, without flowers, the celebration is not deemed complete. Whatever the occasion you have to celebrate, flowers are a beautiful addition to have.

For any event type including holidays, roses are a choice that is beautiful. In any form of a vase, a gift or in complementing a design style, roses are always a great addition to make. They lit the atmosphere in the room and if giving a gift is cool, a gift with a bouquet packed with roses is just enough, special and wonderful for that person you love. If your budget type is light, a fresh flower bouquet is cheap and affordable for a fine gift that would be appreciated. flower delivery Ireland

Flowers are what make Christmas more fun because it is the holiday flowers that add cheers to the day.  It will be more suitable to pick a flower type that is suited for the holiday flower arrangement as you buy flowers Dublin. Whites, reds, and greens are usually floral arrangement that is more suited as flower arrangement for the Christmas period. It is expected that many people will add creativity in their arrangement with additions of brilliant and bright colored flowers. Poinsettias, the number one Christmas flower, but in recent times, roses and tulips are in competition for a spot as they are now popular as well. It is common with people to mix multiple colored flowers in a wreath to make it glitter. You have many different types of flowers suitable for wreaths and Christmas centerpieces. It is even more attractive to use fresh flowers for your Christmas tree if you decide to go by this. flower delivery dublin

Beautifying a Christmas flower adds more touch that makes your arrangement splendid. There are various flowers you can use when decorating your flower with ribbons, candles, and other accessories for your decoration. You can stay in traditional style or go creative with a style. If you are not built for a floral arrangement and design, a florist will be happier to step in to help with a decorative style that is suitable for your holiday type. In addition, you can go online to order flowers Dublin for an arrangement that would get delivered to you at home. You have choices between a floral arrangement and a centerpiece. Guest would love both your fresh flowers and the irresistible aromas that come from them.

Centerpieces are popular when it comes to Christmas holidays. Using a potted plant or a creative floral arrangement is great for your decor. The holiday plants like holly, berried greens, rosemary and mistletoe cam add that joy that comes with the holidays. The popular flowers that are suitable for such arrangements are hyacinths, mums, lilies, tulips, and roses. Your simple arrangement can be made a custom arrangement to fit a home style.

The holidays are special for celebrations to make new memories. Your home comes with beauty and elegance when decorated with flowers.



Keeping Flowers Dry with Silica Gel

There are so many ways you can think about, that you can use to dry flowers Dublin. It is important to do this so that you get your flowers arriving in good condition. Silica gel has always been one of the best options you have when you want to dry your flowers. This is because of its role as a desiccant. It is an incredibly popular method because of the success rate. When you use this method, you will manage to dry your flowers while at the same time still maintaining the incredible color and shape of the flowers. The good thing about this method is that you can use the mixture of silica gel over and over. Given that you will spend around $20 only for this, you will end up having a better experience without worrying about spending more when you have a lot of flowers to deal with. Other than silica gel, there are other products that can also be used for this purpose, such as finely ground kitty litter, borax powder, detergent powder and fine sand. These products draw the moisture from the flowers.

Before you use silica gel when you order flowers Dublin, it is important that you remove the stems from the flowers first. You might need to wire the flower head for proper support before you dig the flower into the desiccant. Fill the container with an inch of silica gel. After that, place the flowers upright or on their side. If you want to make sure that you will have the flowers drying at the same time, try and put similar flowers together and dry them at once. Whatever you do, make sure that no flowers are overlapping or touching one another. After that, cover the flowers properly so that they are fully covered and there is no space remaining, then close the box as tightly as you can. flowers dublin

Silica gel is the most effective way for drying flowers delivered Dublin. It does this in a matter of 2 – 6 days, while at the same time still keeping the amazing shape and color that is natural to the flowers. Silica gel is available either as color indicator crystals or as white crystals. In case you are using color indicator crystals, they are blue when the crystals dry out. When they are absorbing moisture, the color is usually pink.

There is also the alternative of using your microwave alongside silica gel to dry the flowers. You will need to pour around one inch of desiccant to the microwave dish. After that, set the flowers properly and put a gentle cover of silica gel around them. Set a small dish of water inside the microwave. The water is supposed to stop the flowers from being brittle and dry while they are inside the microwave. After that, turn on the microwave and set it on medium for 1 – 3 minutes. Given that drying can take place so fast, it is wise to experiment with samples of each flower so that you know how it will respond.




How to Take Good Pictures of Flowers

When it comes to flower photography, you will be surprised by the amount of information that you come across. Almost everyone you come across will have something to say about taking photos of the flowers Dublin, and you might even end up confused in the process. However, what you should do is try and learn from the experiences of others before you. Flower photography is not a new field. This is something that has been going on for so many years. Therefore, you will have a good chance of learning from the insights and experiences of other people who have been taking flower photos for years, some as a hobby and others as their full time or part time job.

Using the right camera

If you send flowers Dublin and also want to take photos, one of the first things that you have to look at is the type of camera that you are using. There are two common options, either a point and shoot camera or an SLR camera. In case you are working on a budget, you might end up choosing an option that is within your price range at the moment. However, if you are properly endowed financially, nothing should stop you from purchasing a good camera for this. flower delivery Ireland

For exceptional results with photos of flower delivery Dublin, you will always have a good experience with an SLR camera. The main reason for this is because SLR cameras allow you the ability to change the lens, thereby allowing you to use the perfect lens for your photo shoot. For a point and shoot camera on the other hand, you are stuck with only one specific lens.

Over time, you will realize that when you are taking photos of flowers, having the ability to zoom into the flower to get the finer details will usually help you get a better and surreal effect than what you can ever see with your naked eyes. In fact, you will end up with flower shots that actually look like you were seeing the flowers in a dream. You need to make sure that the camera you are using has a lens with very fast aperture speeds. This comes in handy in the event that you are taking photos of flowers under low light.

One of the biggest challenges you have to face when taking photos of flowers is the wind. This is particularly in the event that you are taking photos of small flowers. Given the fact that you have no control over the speed or direction of wind, your only way out is to get a camera that has very good shutter speeds. If you can get this, nothing will stop you from getting perfect shots of the flowers you need, without interference from the wind. In fact, you can actually have photos of flowers even when it is raining and still get amazing shots. More importantly, remember that no one gets so good at this overnight. It takes a while to perfect your skill, but when you eventually do, you will appreciate the results.




How should you Dry Flowers in the Air?

Looking for a way to prolong your favorite flowers life span? Have you considered drying them? Most people have that particularly amazing arrangement of flowers they either received as a gift or purchased for themselves. You won’t want the flowers you received from your loved one to die or wither. The best solution to preserving them is air drying. Good preservation of flowers will make them last forever. There are various ways of preserving your flowers you can arrange them in a new arrangement, you can use them to create something more colorful or you can hang them. There are no limits to preserving flowers. How should you dry your favorite flowers in the air? Generally there are two methods of drying flowers: Using a microwave or using the air. In this article we are going to discuss how you should dry your flowers in the air. So, how should you do it? flower delivery dublin

To begin with you should ask yourself this simple question, ‘Are flowers I am about to dry suitable for drying? If your answer is yes after researching for more information about the flowers, then you should go ahead and do it. The best flowers for drying are young flowers. You will find that flowers that have fully matured tend to shed some of their petals in the process of dying. The other thing you should consider prior to drying yours flowers is what type are they. Delicate flowers will give a very poor outcome while robust flowers like lavender or rose will produce better results. Don’t think of using air dying method on chrysanthemums, gerbera, tulips or daises, this kind of flowers works better with microwave technique.

To air-dry flowers

The first step should be cutting away any excess foliage carefully. Trim the flowers stem to the length you desire. However, you should not trim the stem to a length shorter than 6 inches. The reason behind cutting excess foliage and trimming your flowers is prevent them being exposed to sunlight. Sometimes you might desire hanging your flowers together in bouquet, in such a case you should tie the flowers stems together using a rubber band.

When it comes to drying your flowers, you need to get a cool, dry, dark place with a good air circulation. Old cupboard which is out of use can make a better place. You should tie the bottom of each flower stem to a coat hanger using unflavored dental floss or some thread. You can either hang a single bouquet or flower in the middle of each hunger or two flowers by hanging one on each side. You can now arrange your hangers carefully on the cupboard and leave them to dry, about two weeks. Wait until the flowers are completely dried for you to touch or move them.

After the flowers are completely dried, you can help to preserve them longer by spraying a light coating of hairspray. Would you like to make pot pourri? Then don’t spray your flowers as these affects their fragrance, making them not suitable for pot pourri making.

You will find that flowers Dublin use this method of drying flowers too. As you order flowers Dublin you can request for some tips on how to dry flowers on air. One thing most florists will tell you not to do is placing dried flowers in high temperatures or sunlight.




Incredible Flower Photography Using Multiple Exposures with the Nikon D300

Making multiple exposures with the Nikon D300 can be quite challenging, but with a little guidance you will be good to go. There various DSLR cameras that offer multiple exposure modes out there such as Nikon D3, D2H, D300, D200, D2H, and D80, the Pentax K10,  Pentax Optio 550, and *istD, and the Fujifilm Fine Pix S1, S2, S3, and S5. Not all the DSLR cameras that offer multiple exposure modes are listed here, thus you should check your camera manual to figure out whether it does have multiple exposure modes.

There technology is growing at a very high rate and nowadays you can use layers of Photoshop and other imaging Software to combine multiple captures. Combining exposures in camera comes with numerous advantages. How does Nikon D300 works? D300 can combine the data or information from up to 10 exposures into a single file using raw data from it sensors. The best thing about using the auto gain function is you don’t have to keep adjusting individual exposures; all you have to do is setting the initial shutter and aperture speed.

If you don’t want to keep adjusting your flower position with every successive exposure, a zoom ‘macro’ lens is what you need. You can determine the color temperature using camera’s auto WB. In fact if you can custom white balance (WB) settings you might achieve great variations that will enhance your photographing techniques.

What about using a dark background? A dark background blends naturally with successive exposures and a nice contrast to lighter colored flowers. It is important to check your initial and final proposed zoom settings to be able to see the proportional of background and the flower. A good idea is to begin at the closest zoom setting with your flower as you fill the frame and eventually zoom out.

It is very hard to visualize the final image produced with use of multiple exposures. What makes digital camera great is the ability to review the photograph the instantly after capture, and also making any adjustments to flower positioning and camera

Lighting is crucial in any kind of exposure may it be single or multiple. With multiple exposure time length, you need to control positioning of the camera, flower, background and lightening. To stabilize the camera it is highly recommendable to use a tripod. At the height for the first photography position your tripod and level your Nikon D300 camera. Using exposure/ lockup delay and self timer or a remote shutter will also be a good idea for taking great photograph using multiple exposures. In addition, photographing in aperture priority mode will give you the results you desire.

As you explore the world of multiple exposures photography, the above tips will help you get good results. Visit flowers Dublin flowers gallery in you will find out their flowers pictures looks amazing, the answer is simple as a leading florist shop they have decide to let you see flowers in a stunning new way when view there colorful images. Order flowers Dublin and use your Nikon D300 to take great photos using Multiple Exposures.






Ideas for Flower Box

Ideas for Flower Box

People often overlook the flower box. Perhaps they are not aware of the value it can add to a home. There are numerous applications you can give to a flower box that can make a positive impact on your health. Think of this for a while that you can use the former flower box as your herb garden. Indoor herb kit makes it simple to start growing some herbs for instance. There are many types of flower box ideas, no doubt about that, even as you order flowers Dublin for your planting. Here are a few of them.

If you are thinking of what neat thing to add to your herb garden, using a flower box would be the right thing to consider as a good move. Have in mind that herbs are good for your health in totality and the fresher they are the better. Let’s take the herb basil for instance. You may really not think about these herbs so much but the fact remains outstanding about the benefits of the herb. Basil has almost no calories at all except about ten calories which though a very small quantity, the amount of nutrition returned is however great and much. Getting vitamin K in a diet doesn’t come that much but from a serving of basil, you get 60% of your vitamin K supply for the body daily. This useful herb also has vitamin C and A with minerals like manganese and potassium supplies. Basil protects DNA damage and also has anti-inflammatory effects. Take it or leave it, this is just a tip of the iceberg on the numerous benefits of basil herb.

It is obvious from this example of basil that your growing herbs with a flower box are one useful application you can give to a flower box. Basil is only one of the dozens of herbs you can impact your health with and the fact that it can be grown fresh at home lets you not worry about the troubles with chemicals and pesticides. In addition, fresh herbs are always within reach if you love cooking. Really, an indoor herb garden will be healthy and fun at the same time.

It is clear some people don’t care about plants. This gives a reason why using a flower box won’t do it for them.  If resident in the right climate think of using your flower box in an unconventional way like planting cactus. Cactus is a plant that is often tough but requires just a few attentions to take care. These flowers may not be as colorful as other flowers are but they are still very appealing and beautiful types of plants. If you are therefore considering planting herbs or flowers Dublin but don’t have that time to do the tending, you should consider cactus as the best choice of flowers to fit that gap.

If you are yet looking for more flower box options, why not try flower boxes indoors. The rule really does not exist that says flower boxes are meant for outdoors only. Flower box that is indoors comes with lots of advantages like having air cleaning plants indoors.



How to Operate a Flower Shop


Opening a flower shop and successively operating it is never that easy, just like any other business florist stores demands a lot of dedication, hard work and loving what you are doing. As you start flower shop your aims is to make profits and survive long in the market. This can only happen if you work towards satisfying your customers by providing them with quality flowers, remarkable delivery services and 24/7 customer support. Flowers always grab attention of many people due to their attractive and colorful nature. They also help to communicate love, affection and thoughtfulness messages. And it is for this reason that flowers are always on a high demand. Unfortunately there too many florist shops out there, hence you need to have a competitive advantage over them.

For centuries flowers have been used as a means of spreading love and affection. There are some occasions that flowers are always in a high demand such as Valentine Day, wedding Day, Birthday, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Graduation Day, Anniversary, Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and so on. Flowers are used by used by people all over the world no matter the customs, religion or traditional that guides them. The best thing about flowers is their nature of extending affection from the giver to the receiver.

As you can see flowers are always in demand, hence owning a flower shop is a great idea, if you would like to make good money. For instance, owning a flower shop at a place where the above occasions are a common thing is a great decision. As long as the demand and supply of flowers is not an issues, a florist shoo can be located anywhere may it be inside a hotel, in the commercial area or at the comfort of your house. What matters is that you are able to handle and fulfill customer orders on time and also getting access to flowers is not a problem.

A flower shop can only be successful if customers are able to get all types of flowers and flowers arrangements they need in time. Preserve your flowers well to be increase their life expectancy and to maintain their colorful nature and natural fragrance too. For proper preservation of flowers you should you should kept them refrigerated on s coolness of about 38 to 42 degrees F. Another way of preserving flowers is putting them in vases with cool fresh water. Keep changing the water regularly and cutting the end stems a bit now and then to help in water absorption.

You should always have any type of leaves needed to match a floral arrangement. Also baby’s breath or something similar can help in decorating flower arrangements. Roses and carnations are always available in almost all florist shops throughout the year. Some flowers availability depends with season, hence it will be good to make order in advance in case the flowers you need are out of season. Most florists will provide you with details on when each and every type of flowers are readily available. In fact florists do keep a book with indications of every type if flowers are available. You can use their book as guidance when making an order.

There are certain tools you need to have with you as a florist such as flower pot, plastic saucer, cutter, cello tape, thin wire, clear or designed plastic wrapper, ribbons in different colors and width, and flower holders or pedestal. Without these tools you won’t be able to give your customer s great services especially when making floral arrangements. There are various types of Flower arrangements for different occasions or buyers needs such as pedestal, flat center piece, hanging, round center piece, or any other arrangement that a customer may require.

Sponges that florist uses are mainly the wet sponge and dry sponge. They are both used on fresh flowers and dried flowers respectively. The most crucial part for any flower shop operation is spending on floral arrangements. Costing for arrangements should include;

  • Get the price per piece of every item you need to design the flower arrangement; each baby breath stalk, each type of flower, each leave, number of used, labor and pot or saucer used, and any other expenses incurred in making the arrangement.
  • Calculate the tax and add it too.
  • Wrap the arrangement in s presentable manner, using a ribbon to tie it will enhance you brand and services reputation.

Final Verdict

As a florist you should always be aware of coming occasions and plan in advance. That way you will be able to order and prepare enough flowers and flower arrangements for all your customers.

This is something flowers Dublin understand. Creativity, touch of professionalism, aesthetic sense is some of the things you will see as you order flowers Dublin.




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