Looking for a way to prolong your favorite flowers life span? Have you considered drying them? Most people have that particularly amazing arrangement of flowers they either received as a gift or purchased for themselves. You won’t want the flowers you received from your loved one to die or wither. The best solution to preserving them is air drying. Good preservation of flowers will make them last forever. There are various ways of preserving your flowers you can arrange them in a new arrangement, you can use them to create something more colorful or you can hang them. There are no limits to preserving flowers. How should you dry your favorite flowers in the air? Generally there are two methods of drying flowers: Using a microwave or using the air. In this article we are going to discuss how you should dry your flowers in the air. So, how should you do it? flower delivery dublin

To begin with you should ask yourself this simple question, ‘Are flowers I am about to dry suitable for drying? If your answer is yes after researching for more information about the flowers, then you should go ahead and do it. The best flowers for drying are young flowers. You will find that flowers that have fully matured tend to shed some of their petals in the process of dying. The other thing you should consider prior to drying yours flowers is what type are they. Delicate flowers will give a very poor outcome while robust flowers like lavender or rose will produce better results. Don’t think of using air dying method on chrysanthemums, gerbera, tulips or daises, this kind of flowers works better with microwave technique.

To air-dry flowers

The first step should be cutting away any excess foliage carefully. Trim the flowers stem to the length you desire. However, you should not trim the stem to a length shorter than 6 inches. The reason behind cutting excess foliage and trimming your flowers is prevent them being exposed to sunlight. Sometimes you might desire hanging your flowers together in bouquet, in such a case you should tie the flowers stems together using a rubber band.

When it comes to drying your flowers, you need to get a cool, dry, dark place with a good air circulation. Old cupboard which is out of use can make a better place. You should tie the bottom of each flower stem to a coat hanger using unflavored dental floss or some thread. You can either hang a single bouquet or flower in the middle of each hunger or two flowers by hanging one on each side. You can now arrange your hangers carefully on the cupboard and leave them to dry, about two weeks. Wait until the flowers are completely dried for you to touch or move them.

After the flowers are completely dried, you can help to preserve them longer by spraying a light coating of hairspray. Would you like to make pot pourri? Then don’t spray your flowers as these affects their fragrance, making them not suitable for pot pourri making.

You will find that flowers Dublin use this method of drying flowers too. As you order flowers Dublin you can request for some tips on how to dry flowers on air. One thing most florists will tell you not to do is placing dried flowers in high temperatures or sunlight.