Ideas for Flower Box

People often overlook the flower box. Perhaps they are not aware of the value it can add to a home. There are numerous applications you can give to a flower box that can make a positive impact on your health. Think of this for a while that you can use the former flower box as your herb garden. Indoor herb kit makes it simple to start growing some herbs for instance. There are many types of flower box ideas, no doubt about that, even as you order flowers Dublin for your planting. Here are a few of them.

If you are thinking of what neat thing to add to your herb garden, using a flower box would be the right thing to consider as a good move. Have in mind that herbs are good for your health in totality and the fresher they are the better. Let’s take the herb basil for instance. You may really not think about these herbs so much but the fact remains outstanding about the benefits of the herb. Basil has almost no calories at all except about ten calories which though a very small quantity, the amount of nutrition returned is however great and much. Getting vitamin K in a diet doesn’t come that much but from a serving of basil, you get 60% of your vitamin K supply for the body daily. This useful herb also has vitamin C and A with minerals like manganese and potassium supplies. Basil protects DNA damage and also has anti-inflammatory effects. Take it or leave it, this is just a tip of the iceberg on the numerous benefits of basil herb.

It is obvious from this example of basil that your growing herbs with a flower box are one useful application you can give to a flower box. Basil is only one of the dozens of herbs you can impact your health with and the fact that it can be grown fresh at home lets you not worry about the troubles with chemicals and pesticides. In addition, fresh herbs are always within reach if you love cooking. Really, an indoor herb garden will be healthy and fun at the same time.

It is clear some people don’t care about plants. This gives a reason why using a flower box won’t do it for them.  If resident in the right climate think of using your flower box in an unconventional way like planting cactus. Cactus is a plant that is often tough but requires just a few attentions to take care. These flowers may not be as colorful as other flowers are but they are still very appealing and beautiful types of plants. If you are therefore considering planting herbs or flowers Dublin but don’t have that time to do the tending, you should consider cactus as the best choice of flowers to fit that gap.

If you are yet looking for more flower box options, why not try flower boxes indoors. The rule really does not exist that says flower boxes are meant for outdoors only. Flower box that is indoors comes with lots of advantages like having air cleaning plants indoors.