Making multiple exposures with the Nikon D300 can be quite challenging, but with a little guidance you will be good to go. There various DSLR cameras that offer multiple exposure modes out there such as Nikon D3, D2H, D300, D200, D2H, and D80, the Pentax K10,  Pentax Optio 550, and *istD, and the Fujifilm Fine Pix S1, S2, S3, and S5. Not all the DSLR cameras that offer multiple exposure modes are listed here, thus you should check your camera manual to figure out whether it does have multiple exposure modes.

There technology is growing at a very high rate and nowadays you can use layers of Photoshop and other imaging Software to combine multiple captures. Combining exposures in camera comes with numerous advantages. How does Nikon D300 works? D300 can combine the data or information from up to 10 exposures into a single file using raw data from it sensors. The best thing about using the auto gain function is you don’t have to keep adjusting individual exposures; all you have to do is setting the initial shutter and aperture speed.

If you don’t want to keep adjusting your flower position with every successive exposure, a zoom ‘macro’ lens is what you need. You can determine the color temperature using camera’s auto WB. In fact if you can custom white balance (WB) settings you might achieve great variations that will enhance your photographing techniques.

What about using a dark background? A dark background blends naturally with successive exposures and a nice contrast to lighter colored flowers. It is important to check your initial and final proposed zoom settings to be able to see the proportional of background and the flower. A good idea is to begin at the closest zoom setting with your flower as you fill the frame and eventually zoom out.

It is very hard to visualize the final image produced with use of multiple exposures. What makes digital camera great is the ability to review the photograph the instantly after capture, and also making any adjustments to flower positioning and camera

Lighting is crucial in any kind of exposure may it be single or multiple. With multiple exposure time length, you need to control positioning of the camera, flower, background and lightening. To stabilize the camera it is highly recommendable to use a tripod. At the height for the first photography position your tripod and level your Nikon D300 camera. Using exposure/ lockup delay and self timer or a remote shutter will also be a good idea for taking great photograph using multiple exposures. In addition, photographing in aperture priority mode will give you the results you desire.

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