There are so many ways you can think about, that you can use to dry flowers Dublin. It is important to do this so that you get your flowers arriving in good condition. Silica gel has always been one of the best options you have when you want to dry your flowers. This is because of its role as a desiccant. It is an incredibly popular method because of the success rate. When you use this method, you will manage to dry your flowers while at the same time still maintaining the incredible color and shape of the flowers. The good thing about this method is that you can use the mixture of silica gel over and over. Given that you will spend around $20 only for this, you will end up having a better experience without worrying about spending more when you have a lot of flowers to deal with. Other than silica gel, there are other products that can also be used for this purpose, such as finely ground kitty litter, borax powder, detergent powder and fine sand. These products draw the moisture from the flowers.

Before you use silica gel when you order flowers Dublin, it is important that you remove the stems from the flowers first. You might need to wire the flower head for proper support before you dig the flower into the desiccant. Fill the container with an inch of silica gel. After that, place the flowers upright or on their side. If you want to make sure that you will have the flowers drying at the same time, try and put similar flowers together and dry them at once. Whatever you do, make sure that no flowers are overlapping or touching one another. After that, cover the flowers properly so that they are fully covered and there is no space remaining, then close the box as tightly as you can. flowers dublin

Silica gel is the most effective way for drying flowers delivered Dublin. It does this in a matter of 2 – 6 days, while at the same time still keeping the amazing shape and color that is natural to the flowers. Silica gel is available either as color indicator crystals or as white crystals. In case you are using color indicator crystals, they are blue when the crystals dry out. When they are absorbing moisture, the color is usually pink.

There is also the alternative of using your microwave alongside silica gel to dry the flowers. You will need to pour around one inch of desiccant to the microwave dish. After that, set the flowers properly and put a gentle cover of silica gel around them. Set a small dish of water inside the microwave. The water is supposed to stop the flowers from being brittle and dry while they are inside the microwave. After that, turn on the microwave and set it on medium for 1 – 3 minutes. Given that drying can take place so fast, it is wise to experiment with samples of each flower so that you know how it will respond.